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Jay Lane
Jay Lane thumbnail
Jay Lane Boneworm deliver the goods every bit as well as the Melvins, or Sabbath, for that matter. Favorite track: The Call.
residuetrail thumbnail
residuetrail Glacial and incessant. Awesome. Favorite track: Sickness.
Dean Vincent
Dean Vincent thumbnail
Dean Vincent Not all music is about accessibility. Sometimes, just sometimes you have to work, have to physically sit down and really listen to an album to uncover that real gem. Bone worm is that real gem. Agonisingly slow, dripping with sludge, burdened with a ton riffs and seemingly endless in it's structures and repetition Boneworm is a treat for any doomhead. Full of blues and melancholic hooks to grab you and pull you in as you trawl along with this albums unrelenting weight. Favorite track: Sickness.
Bezza thumbnail
Bezza Absolutely awesome "mellow" doom that you can play when your parents are around. Can't wait for some more from these guys Favorite track: The Call.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ Doom? Not Sure
Sludge? Could be
Psych? Perhaps
I know one thing though.I Like It! Favorite track: Crater.
The Shrieks From Below
The Shrieks From Below thumbnail
The Shrieks From Below Don't be put off by the crappy cover. This is some nice slick doom.
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"And after listening to them and, yes, being surprised by them and duly crushed flat by their “trve” heaviness right from their debut album, one may realize that, yes, there are tons of bands playing doom but there is still space for approaching music with a different and original attitude in spite of being deeply rooted into “traditional” sources"

-Doommantia, June 9, 2013

“This exciting and beautiful gem of an album is bursting with originality and creativity. It is not an easy listening thing. The album is demanding and exhausting and you will feel the agonizing, gnawing slowness and heaviness in each second of it, but the intrinsic hypnotic attraction and the bewitching intensity and depth you will feel all the same.”

-Metal Bandcamp, May 6th, 2013

“Long wave vibrations mixed with a tinge of Blues hooks, solos, and vocals. A very minimalist approach with elegant jazzy drumming and a charming British undertone!”, 9/10 rating.

-Doom Metal Front #10, I/2013, (German Doom Print Magazine)

“Broadly speaking, it's heading down roughly the same path as the Melvins most Sabbathesque forays, carried on a treacle-slow wave of chunky, percussive distortion that leaves not only space for the instruments to breathe, but leaves space between the spaces. At times it seems that pretty much every drumbeat and every cruelly-battered note is left to die in the void before another one is sent to follow it into eternity.”, April 16th, 2013

“Soaked in Doom Metal misery, their fantastic debut (released about 6 months ago) is one of those hidden gems of 2012 that must now get more attention.”

-Temple of Perdition, April 14th, 2013

“My thoughts are that the album is a work of insane twisted genius. The 3 track and 42 minute opus will have you on the edge of your seat. It's got a groovy lo-fi appeal which will win you over in no time at all.
So if your into Unsane, Diesto and The Melvins then this is going to rock your fucking world like it did mine…Excellent and Highly Recommended.”

-The Sludgelord, March 29th, 2013

“Like the final track which is a chilling lingering embrace taking an eternity to expand the whole of its deliciously torturous expanse seeping potent venom, the album leaves one gasping in satisfaction and throbbing involuntarily from the salted abrade offered. It is an excellent release which brings something notable and new to doom/sludge metal, something which truly excites now and in regard to the future.”

-RingMaster Review, October 12th, 2012

“In three lengthy tracks, Portland’s Boneworm have managed to create one the most original doom EP’s of the year: slow, majestic chords bleeding into 1970s psychedelia and occasional post-rock flourishes. A simple, yet perfectly executed debut.”

-Chybucca Sounds, November 1st, 2012

“This is great stuff! Very Melvins-ish with slow plodding rhythms and heaviness that buries your soul.”

-Heavy Planet, November 16th, 2012


released October 8, 2012

Boneworm is Tim Burke. Tim plays guitar and shoulders the burden of knowing exactly how you are going to die.

Boneworm is Dave Becker. Dave plays bass and, like a lich or a Roman emperor, only seems to be growing more powerful with age.

Boneworm is Chaz Rocker. Chaz plays drums and hangs out with your Camaro-driving uncle. Ask about the weekend they drove to Reno.

Recorded and mixed at Toadhouse Studios by Adam Pike
Mastered at Foster Mastering by Ryan Foster

Portland, Oregon
Copyright Boneworm 2012



all rights reserved


Boneworm Portland, Oregon

For a genre that is frequently looking outward into the psychedelic aether, Boneworm offers their doom with a sense of crushing immediacy. Which is the more terrifying, the intricate words of a sinister hex being cast, or plaintively being told that nothing matters because time is already against you?

Boneworm is Tim Burke (guitar), Dave Becker (bass) and Chaz Rocker (drumset).
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